Saturday, January 15, 2011


By Marilyn Kaye
St. Martin's Griffin, 2007. 230 pgs. Young Adult

Penelope Wilhern was born with a pig's snout instead of a nose, as a result of a curse placed on her family many generations before when a wealthy ancestor scorned a serving girl. Penelope's mother Jessica has hidden her away in their home, even faking Penelope's death to divert media attention. At the same time she's pretending Penelope is dead, Jessica is trying to break the curse placed on her daughter by finding a blue blood who will accept Penelope. When a potential suitor ends up running away from Penelope in horror, he crosses paths with a reporter who has been trying to prove Penelope's existence for years. The two of them recruit another blue blood, Max Campion, to pretend to woo Penelope and get picture to publish in the newspaper. However, Max turns out not to be who anyone expected.

This book based on the movie of the same name is just about as much fun as the movie. There are a few little differences from the movie, but overall fans of the movie will enjoy it, as will readers looking for a light, fun romance.


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