Monday, April 13, 2009

If I Stay

If I Stay
By Gayle Forman
Dutton Books, 2009. 199 pgs. Young Adult

While driving with her family, Mia’s car is struck by another vehicle and her parents are killed on impact. Mia is severely injured and she watches from outside herself as she is transported to the hospital and her family members and friends gather to visit her in the ICU. As Mia learns about her injuries and considers what her life will be like if she lives, she realizes that the decision whether or not to continue her life is left to her to choose.

This is a thoughtful tearjerker that guides the reader back and forth between Mia’s current condition and her life and decisions prior to the accident. If I Stay has received great professional reviews and will be enjoyed by older teens and adults.


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Anonymous said...

Though typically I do not read serious girl teen fiction, I found myself enjoying it. It made me consider my relationship with my family and friends and who I have become since I was teenager. Did my life turn out the way I planned and does it matter?