Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Antsy Does Time

ANTSY DOES TIME; Neal Shusterman; New York: Dutton's, 2008; 247p. Young Adult Fiction.

Great news! Antsy Bonano is back, with many of the same goofball friends (and longsuffering family) as we grew to know and love in "The Schwa was Here." In this story, Antsy makes a new friend--Gunnar Umlaut, a doleful Swede, who works with Antsy on a school project to recreate the Dust Bowl in Gunnar's back yard. Gunnar suffers from a terminal disease so Antsy heads up a drive to get fellow students and teachers to donate time from their own lives to lengthen Gunnar's. He also gets a chance to hone his water-pouring skills in his father's new French-Italian restaurant, Paris/Capische. As usual, Antsy's laugh out loud adventures have the serious undertone of a young man learning to get along in the world and to become his best and truest self.


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