Saturday, August 27, 2022

After Life


After Life

By Melissa De La Cruz
Hyperion, 2022. 344 pages. Young Adult Fiction

After defeating Lucifer and sacrificing the love of her life, Schuyler wakes up back in New York but soon discovers she is in an alternate reality where Lucifer is alive and well and she is the only person who can defeat him.

I was very excited when I saw that Melissa De La Cruz was releasing a new book in the Blue Bloods series.  It was nostalgic to re-acquaint myself with characters that I was first introduced to in 2006.  I was happy to see the new diversity added into the characters and thought it was an intriguing plot that De La Cruz worked to accomplish.  If you are still feeling triggered from Pandemic related stories then this is one to avoid, but if you are as excited as I am to get back into the Blue Bloods universe with Schuyler be sure to snag a copy at the library!    

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